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New rice here

10 August 2016

ABOUT 2,490 bags of ten kilogram rice have been arrived in the country.

They are being imported by Indigenous Chamber of Commerce Trade and Industries of Solomon Islands (ICCTISI) from Vietnam.

It cost ICCTISI about $345,500 to purchase the long grain rice.

The bags of rice have been unloaded from two containers yesterday and ready for sale in the market in Honiara and the provinces.

It will cost $84 per bag.

ICCTISI chief executive officer, Charles Dausabea said they imported the rice after seeing foreign companies importing rice from overseas.

“We understand most of the profits of foreign companies go back to their countries.

“However, profit money we make from the sale of this rice will remain in Solomon Islands,” Dausabea said.

He said the profit will help alot of indigenous people to improve their standard of living in future.

Dausabea said ICCTISI plans to import other commodities like noodles in future.

But he said for the start, they want to start with staple food like rice.

Media was given the opportunity to taste the rice and it was very delicious.

It would soon become available in the local markets.

ICCTISI is made up of five zones namely Central, Northern, Southern and Eastern.

The Central zone covers Central Province and Honiara, while Northern zone covers Malaita, Malaita Outer Island and Isabel.

The Southern zone covers Guadalcanal and Renbel and Eastern zone covers Makira Ulawa and Temotu.

Prior to importing of rice, ICCTISI had visited its zone to promote their vision and goals of the association.

In the meantime, Solrais, Fangs and Solomon Islands Ports Authority are importing rice in the country for sale.