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Visitors arrival up18.4%

09 September 2016

THE total international arrival of visitors for the second quarter of this year was 11, 546 which is an increase of 18.4 percent (%) compared to the first quarter of this year.

This was revealed in a latest statistical Bulletin from the Solomon Islands National Statistics Office (SINSO) this week.

Compared to the same quarter a year ago, an increase of 5.8% was recorded.

“Arrivals classified by the category for the second quarter of 2016 showed that returning resident comprise of 48%.

“Visitors recorded 49% and the remaining 3% was recorded for intending resident.

“Visitors’ arrival for the second quarter showed an increase of 12.7% to 5,679 compared to the first quarter figure of 5, 037,” the statistics report highlighted.

It added that compared to the same quarter in 2015, an increase of 2.1% was also being recorded.

According to the report, arrivals by country of residence for second quarter of the year showed that Australians (43.1%) continues and remain the frequent travellers to Solomon Islands, followed by Other Asia (14.8%), US (7.8%), NZ (7.7%), Fiji (6.4%), PNG (4.3%)and China (3.4%). Table 2 showed further detailed information.

Visitors by monthly arrivals for the quarter showed that June has the highest number of arrivals with 1,984 persons. This was followed by the month of May with a recorded total of 1,896 persons and April the least with 1,799 persons.

It was also stated in the report that, distribution of visitors by purpose of visit revealed that Holiday and Vocation is the most popular during the quarter, which is 32.2 percent, followed by Business & Conference (28.4%), other (24.2%), Visit friends and relatives (14.2%), Transit and stopover the least with (1%).

Visitor arrivals by broad age groups showed that 75.3 percent of arrivals were in the 25 years to 64 years age range. The younger and the older age brackets represent 18.6 percent while the remaining 6.2 percent represents visitors who did not state their age.

Male represents 69 percent of the arrival and female 31 percent.

Meanwhile, the next release (4th quarter 2016) of the same bulletin will be in January 2017.