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Poultry specialist urges farmers to raise naked-neck birds

01 November 2016

KASTOM Garden Association senior poultry technician Peter Haeo strongly urges farmers to raise the naked- neck rooster and hen in the Solomon Islands.

Speaking during the opening of a two-day Pacific Open Pollinated Seed Round table discussion at Kingdom Harvest Centre, Henderson in Honiara on Monday, Mr Haeo said while the round table sitting was discussing the importance of vegetables, there was also need to emphasize the importance of saving and replenishing the naked-neck or red neck rooster/hen.

He said the naked- neck rooster/hen is one of the rare spices that needs to be recognise in the pacific countries because it provide quality meat products in local markets here.

 “While we try to promote vegetable seed saving, it is very important for us to also look at saving some of the foreign breeds currently in the country.

“I have work in poultry for many years and I suggest that it is equally important for us to look at such areas in poultry.

“Not only that, but farmers should also promote breeding local roosters and hens.”

The naked-neck breed is originated from Italy and was introduce in Asia, Indonesia before coming into the pacific in the 1970.