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Gold ridge landowners warned of bogus investors

01 November 2016

THERE are claims of con agent and ghost company going around to fool landowners and government authorities on the new partnership deal for the resumption of Gold Ridge mine.

A statement from the Gold-Ridge Community Investment Limited (GCIL) cautioned that there are groups of local people associated with some foreigners, who are interfering in the reopening of Gold ridge operation.

The statement revealed that some so called investors have been deceitfully conducting negotiations with people not associated with GCIL, who pretended to represent GCIL.

It said one of the companies was involved in the alleged fraud, which misled public to believe their partnership in the new shareholding arrangement.

GCIL statement denies any claims of proper negotiations between Gold Ridge landowners and this mining firm, adding the claims are dubious and deceitful.

The statement said only GCIL and AXF Resources have signed an agreement as shareholders this year, with AXF Resources holding 90% and GCIL 10%.

Thus, any other claimed arrangement to these new shareholders is merely a fraud, the statement added.

Meanwhile, the sub-committee within the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) that deals with the Gold Ridge project told this paper that they are not aware of any con groups or company interfering in their work to reopen the mine.

The sub-committee spokesman said their work on Gold Ridge is progressing well and they are waiting for any result from the report submitted to the cabinet, thus will see how to go from there.