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New beer brand out

03 April 2014

SP Brewery launched a new beer brand in Lae last Friday.

Stan Joyce, SP Brewery’s managing director, said the new brand Heineken, which was first produced in 1873 in Amsterdam, Germany, had been to 178 other countries and had a long and proud history.

The beer had only four natural ingredients -- water, malted barley, hops and yeast and brewed with the same original recipe used in 1873.

“The new beer is part of the SP Brewery brand portfolio and PNG consumers will now enjoy a larger variety of beers with Heineken added to that,” Joyce said.

“We believe in having the portfolio in diverse brands and we want to be the first in PNG to offer to consumers and believe it will succeed,” he said.

Heineken is sold only in selected outlets in the industrial hub of Lae where the company has a second beer plant.

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