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Women in business under-reported

28 March 2014

WOMEN participation in business in the region has been under-reported, a media seminar in Sydney was told this week.

Speaking in a panel made up of three female journalists,Makareta Komai, PACNEWS editor, highlighted that the issue of women empowerment in the business sector had been given low media attention and coverage by the regional media.

Women entrepreneurs are those that have struggled to start their own business and are successful to operate.

During the panel discussion, which was chaired by George Herming of the Government Communication Unit (GCU), it was noted that there is an increase in Pacific islands women who are starting their businesses, running companies, and serving in company and state owned enterprise boards.

“These are some of the success stories of regional women.”

At the panel discussion a question was asked whether journalists and the local media are doing enough to report in this area.

However, it was highlighted that in the Pacific that barrier of under-reporting on women’s full participation in business is still high.

Ms Komai said given the scenario it’s important that news about women who are successful be given the opportunity to share their story in order to inspire other women.

The regional media have been challenged to ensure that a reporter is dedicated to cover this area.

The panel also noted how some of the young journalists these days are lazy, spending much time in their office, only making phone calls, spending time on Facebook rather than going out on the streets and the communities to see what is going on and interview some of the successful business entrepreneurs.