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Youth market was a great initiative: Taloimatakwa

27 March 2014

THE Youth market event last week with the theme youth and corruption organised by SPC Youth at work project was a great initiative.

That’s according to Solomon Islands Youth for Change team leader Elwin Taloimatakwa.

“The event gives the opportunity for the youths to market their products, showcase their talents and even learn about corruption as well as other helpful information,” Mr Taloimatakwa said.

“More so it creates an environment for young people to practice good habits,” he added.

The event was declared as an alcohol, smoking and betel nut free event with identified smoking locations.

Sale of cigarettes and betel nut was prohibited.

“The event also promotes no littering and provided with bins for litter collection.

“At the entrance there is a notice board which gives instruction on the toilets that were provided on the ground on how to use them properly.

“This subject for some maybe sensitive to discuss openly in public, however, the information gives direction to practice good habits with proper use of toilets.

“The imposing of simple rules during the event maybe for a start quite challenging but, I think it is a good initiative and step forward towards helping our young people to practice simple rules as these helps them to develop good habits,” Mr Taloimatakwa said.

He said despite the rule not to sell cigarettes and betel nuts at the event, there were some individuals secretly doing it at their stalls.

“Hopefully these few individuals in the future youth market events will own up and be responsible to obey simple ground rules.

“A simple obeying of simple rules is a practice of good habits and a simple disobeying of simple rules is simple dishonest and corruption.

“I urge all young Solomon Islands citizens to realize their potential and do things that will benefit them and their community by obeying simple rules.

“If we learn to live by the simple rules, the simple rules will set us free with good habits.”

Mr Taloimatakwa acknowledged SPC youth at work and stakeholders for organising the event and ensure to continue on to promote the good habit rules in the upcoming youth market events.

“Creating such environment and promoting simple rules is supportive for good behavior.

“I believed the young people who attended the event have enjoyed it and also gained information on corruption provided by Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) to become responsible and active citizens who promotes good habits.”