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Renbell plans to increase revenue collection

27 March 2014

RENBELL plans to look into its licensing policies as part of moves to increase its revenue collection.

That’s according to the newly appointed provincial secretary Peseika Baiabe.

Mr Baiabe said the province’s current business ordinance is quite outdated.

“We will be looking at amending it to ensure we collect enough revenue for the province,” he said.

Mr Baiabe said the amendment will be carried out at their next assembly meeting on Bellona next month.

The assembly has been meeting in Honiara since Monday at the Tropicana Motel.

The new provincial secretary said the current business ordinance is not helping the province to collect what is due to it.

Mr Baiabe said most provinces have amended their business licence ordinances to increase their revenue collection.

Licensing is one of the avenues through which provinces collect revenue from businesses operating within their respective province.