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Near disaster at Auki power station

25 March 2014

THE Solomon Islands Electrical Authority (SIEA), Auki power station escaped what could have been a disaster.

One of the exhaust pipe outlets at the station’s roof top caught fire on Monday.

The building’s roof caught fire from the heat, forcing site workers to scramble and nearby residents and Auki Primary School to be put on alert.

“SIEA site workers with the help of Auki police hurriedly put of the fire before it could engulf the building,” an eye witness told The Solomon Star at the scene.

SIEA officers manning the power station said they were alerted by smoke on the roof top.

“When we investigate further, flames started to engulf the roof.”

SIEA Chief Officer in Auki Mr Joshua Keniore said, “It’s just a minor incident from the exhaust of the generator that started the fire.

“We managed to put it out, and no major damages were caused.”

Malaita Provincial police commander Chief Superintendant John Walenenea said the building was old and the rafters were too dry.

“But it we successfully put what could have been a disaster under control.”

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