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Quarantine vows to supports airport project

24 March 2014

Quarantine division within the ministry of agriculture and livestock (MALS) is committed to supporting the project undertaken by a private tourism firm Sol Host Project in trying to set–up of four (4) LCD screens at the Honiara’s international and domestic airport.

The initiatives was aimed to market and inform visitors both domestic for travelling passengers on important regulations of civil aviation, customs, immigration, quarantine including marketing Solomon Islands as one of the potential tourism destinations in the region.

Quarantine director Francis Tsatsia highlighted this during an open dialogue held at the ministry of commerce conference room last Friday.

Mr Tsatsia said Quarantine has a budget that can support such program to promote quarantine activities going on at the airport.

“Quarantine division in the ministry of agriculture and livestock would be very supportive on this initiative since we have some activity going on at the international airport by promoting our services and our quarantine acts to foreigners.

“For so long we are thinking of organising such program but we couldn’t able to find the right people who can do such program to promote our activities at the airport,”Mr Tsatsia said.

He said his division will support the project to fulfil its quarantine activity and functions at the airport.

“We’ll support this project and make full commitment since we have budget for such promotion program.

“I believe this program would make an impact and improve our border security awareness at the airport once it comes into a full operational,” he said.