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Plans for promotional clips at airport

24 March 2014

Local tourism company Sol-Host is taking a lead in trying to set up four large video screens which aims to show promotional clips about the country as part of tourism awareness program.

To kick off that deal Sol Host met with five (5) government organisations on Friday to discuss the idea.

The plan is to install big LCD screens at both international and domestic airport which will feature various photos and video about the country.

The initiative was aimed at marketing and informing visitors and the travelling passengers on important regulations of civil aviation, customs, immigration, quarantine including marketing of potential tourist destinations in the country and region.

Attending the dialogue were director from the tourism department Barney Sivoro, director of quarantine division Francis Tsatsia, commerce deputy director Mason Fugui, aviation under secretary John Stevenson Pirigisau and John Dafanisi of customs division.

Sol Host director Joyce Konofilia prior to the meeting said the company is well prepared for the initiative.

“We are prepared to kick off for this project since we sealed a deal with Torn Parachute last month.”

Once an agreement is reached, Sol Host is ready to kick off with the project.

“Once the project is sealed between these stakeholders, Torn Parachute will begin taking videos and photos around Solomon Islands and load the clips onto the screens at the airport for viewing.”

Ms Konofilia thanked stakeholders who attended last Friday’s meeting.