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Lauru shipping urged to settle fees

21 March 2014

The Western provincial government yesterday issued a warning to Lauru shipping company (LSC) to settle its outstanding business fee or services to some ports in the province will be suspended.

Western provincial finance minister Lester Saomasi Huckel issued the notice after Lauru shipping failed to sort out its long overdue business shipping licence fee.

Lauru shipping operates MV Lauru and MV San Marcos served routes between Choiseul, Western and Honiara.

He said the province had made several contacts with the shipping company but they failed to respond.

“We have issued notices to the shipping company but they have failed to respond.

“So we are thinking of indefinitely suspending their license to operate in the province,” Mr Huckle said.

He said other shipping operators which are currently operating in the province have responded to the notices and have settled their outstanding bills.

“And the province had acknowledged their support,” he said.

When contacted Lauru shipping company general manager (GM) Donald Pita yesterday said they received the letters from the province and are in process of settling the payments.

“We have received all our bills from the province for the business licences and berthing fee.

“So my staff have already deposited the payment into the Western provincial account as requested by the province,” Mr Pita said.

The GM apologised to the Western provincial government for the delay because he was on leave.

“I would like to apologise to the Western provincial government about our late payment. This is because I was on holiday.”

He assured the Western province they will settle their bills and will continue to work closely with the province as strong business partners in the future.