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New shredding machine for dump site

30 March 2017

THE Honiara City Council (HCC) has finally taken delivery of a new shredding machine on Wednesday.

The machine is being installed at the Ranadi landfill dump site, east Honiara.

The donation was made possible by Sumitomo Metal and Mining Solomon Limited (SMM Solomon).

“This is first of its kind for the HCC to have this kind of machine and yes it’s a blessing indeed,” deputy clerk Fred Warereau said.

“This is very important to assist in waste management and minimizing at the landfill site.”

Mr Warereau described the donation as a new dawn for the council.

“We want to thank Sumitomo Metal and Mining Solomon Limited (SMM Solomon) for the donation.”

Ken Magusa a SMM senior geologist said that they will continue to work together with HCC to ensure that the equipment is performing as intended.

“It took us and HCC almost a year to plan this project and purchase these project items.

“I must take this time to thank you HCC for your hard work. Without your hardwork and belief in the project we would not reach this milestone, but with your strong support and perseverance throughout the many challenges encountered, we were able to purchase this very important piece of equipment.”

Mr Magusa urges the country to fully use the machine its intended purpose.