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Renbel approves mining licence

08 May 2014

Renbel province has granted a full business license to an Indonesian mining company Bintang Borneo mining company (BBMC) to conduct mining prospecting on Rennell islands, Renbel province.

Renbel province provincial secretary (PS) Peseika Baiabe revealed this to Solomon Star yesterday.

Mr Baiabe said provincial government granted the full business licences to BBMC early this year to do mining prospecting for bauxite.

“Both the provincial and national government have already given the company full business licence to operate in the province.

“At the moment we are just waiting for any response from the landowners whose land have been proposed for this new development.

“If they, yes, then work should be able to start soon,” he said.

Mr Baiabe added all government formalities to allow work to go ahead have been completed.

“We are happy with this development because it would create employment opportunity for our people and bring revenue into our province.”

Consultations with the landowners will be conducted soon to get their decision on this proposed project.

Meanwhile Mr Baiabe urged the landowning groups in Rennell to work closely with the provincial government to bring about development in the province.




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