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Central passes new tourism ordinance

09 May 2014

Central island province has passed its new tourism ordinance last month in Tulagi during the province’s full assembly meeting.

Premier Stanley Manetiva said new the tourism ordinance featured laws and procedures which tourism operators in the island province must follow.

He said this ordinance is important for the province.

“This new tourism ordinance contains laws and regulations which tourism operators in the province must comply with while operating their tourism business around the province,” he said.

Premier Manetiva said the new tourism ordinance will be implemented and monitored by a new department arm of the provincial government which was formed last month called “Central Province Development Authority.”

He explained the authority is a new development body formed by provincial gov’t to look after tourism industry and other development around the province.

“Shortly we should be advertising a manager’s post and secretaries for this new development arm. This body would be looked after this new tourism ordinance including other infrastructure development in the province,” he said.

However Mr Manetiva explained the tourism ordinance is an outstanding issue of the past successive gov’t that are being overlooked.

“This new tourism ordinance is not new, it’s being raised by past successive gov’t but was never being addressed.

“So this year my government wants to implement this law to ensure tourism operators around the province must comply while venturing into tourism business,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr Manetiva urged all tourism operators around the province to comply with this new tourism ordinance.

The ordinance became effective last month.