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Green Tourism out for fieldwork

15 May 2014

Officials from Green Tourism Solomon Islands Ltd will go on a second trip to Roderick Bay area in West Big Gela, Central Province on Monday.

This to carry out fieldwork on the proposed holiday tour package for the area.

A statement from the company said the fieldwork will be conducted at the four eco-tourism properties namely Roderick Bay Hideaway, Roderick Bay Beach Resort, Pota Saurangi Eco-Lodge, and Tapuipui Island Resort from 20-23 May.

The major tasks will include inspections and ratings of existing eco-lodges, rooms and beds, facilities, activities and day tours, logistics, rubbish disposal, malaria control measures, and security issues at these locations.

The team will also conduct basic environmental and socio-economic impact assessments in the project area during the week.

Apart from the fieldwork, Green Tourism high impact tourism trainers will conduct basic hospitality and Home improvement training workshop at Roderick Bay Hideaway for women and girls from the eco-tourism family businesses at Roderick Bay, Pota Saurangi, and Tapuipui, as well as women and girls from the main village of Haroro.

Under its village-based tourism training policy and programme, Green Tourism Solomon Islands Ltd recognizes the important contribution of women and girls in the family to the overall success of any eco-tourism family business undertaking in Solomon Islands. 

Therefore, Green Tourism develops its high impact tourism-training programme that is appropriate for the whole family including women and girls that owns and operates the eco-tourism family business.

The development of the holiday tour package for the Roderick Bay area came about at the beginning of this  year after  Green Tourism Solomon Islands Ltd and four local eco-tourism operators in the area agreed to work together to achieve their common goal of bringing more tourists and visitors to the area.

Since then Green Tourism Solomon Islands Ltd has paid the first visit to the area in February this year and carried out scoping tasks and site visits in the first stage of the tourism project. It has since continued to liaise with the four eco-tourism operators in the project area on a regular basis.

Green Tourism Solomon Islands Ltd looks forward to a successful fieldwork and high impact training at Roderick Bay next week and wishes to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for funding assistance towards the development of the holiday tour package for Roderick Bay area.

In another development, Green Tourism Solomon Islands Ltd has continued to supply specially packaged hotel food and beverage products and amenities to a total of 11 hotels, motels, and guesthouses in Honiara since January this year.

It plans to extend its services to hotels, and motels in Gizo and Auki in the second half of this year.