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Our Telekom is 100% locally owned

14 August 2017

Our Telekom is a 100 percent locally owned company.

The company’s sales manager Robert Sizetu revealed this to Our Telekom stakeholders in Auki, Malaita province over the weekend.

Mr. Szetu who believes that investing in a locally owned company is the way forward for Solomon islands.

“Investing with Our Telekom is the right thing because the company is a locally owned company.

“I want to reassure you that Our Telekom is truly a locally owned company.

“This means that Our Telekom is 100% Solomon owned with the Solomon Islands National Provident Fun (SINPF) owned the biggest share of 97.32% and Investment Cooperation of Solomon Islands (ICSI) with about 2.68% share,” he told the stakeholders.

“Investing with Our Telekom means pumping money back into your NPF which means you have nothing to lose," he explained.

“The more you invest with Our Telekom, the more you contribute towards your NPF,” he added.

In Auki