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OESI: Road show, the most effective marketing strategy

15 May 2014

ORIGIN Energy Solomon Islands (OESI) says that the road show, currently organized to promote company merchandise in Auki this week, is the most effective form of marketing to be used.

OESI along with Island Enterprises Limited (IEL) are currently having a road show in Auki which will end today with the intension of promoting both company’s merchandises.

OESI’s Business Development Manager, Beaver Biti told this paper that ever since planning of the initiative started in 2011, the company has grown to greater lengths especially with its continuous monthly road show.

“The whole idea of having a road show is to update, promote and make people aware of the company products and how these products can be of greater advantage to people.

“We find that the most effective form of marketing or awareness is through ‘word of mouth’ or person to person communication.

“In that way people have the opportunity to get a taste, feel, see and get firsthand experience with products.

“This in the advantage of the company lures in customers and at the same time we bring in these products to people’s door steps,” Mr Biti said.

Mr Biti meanwhile said that OESI is promoting its much demanded products such as stoves, pumps and most of all its gas refrigerators.