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Bred Bank slowly progressing

15 August 2017
Staff members of the new BRED Bank Solomon. [Photo: BRED Bank Fackbook]

Bred Bank will slowly expand its services throughout the country as things continue to progress, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Owen Thomson assured.

Speaking to the Solomon Star in an exclusive interview, CEO said they will see how things progress as they have just open up their banking business last Friday.

He says that option to establish in the provincial centers is there, but they would like to see how their services in Honiara unfold, before expanding into the provinces.

He assures that they will provide all the necessary banking services needed in the Solomon Islands and the difference they bring is the convenience in customer service and competition in the rates they offered in their loans.

Honiara experiences a common problem in both popular banks in the country namely BSP and ANZ.

The delay in customer services is one of the issue people normally get frustrated with, especially during times of long queue in the banks and unreliable ATM machines, which use to go out of service or run out of cash many times.

However, CEO said they will try to ensure their customers are not frustrated and their service provided is convenient for the people.

He welcomed the general public to come down and visit their banks with any of their queries and encourage people to open up accounts with Bred Bank.

Adding, Bred Bank is just started but they offered the best banking services in Solomon Islands.

Bred bank is located next to the Didao fuel station in Kukum, East Honiara, with two new ATM machines installed in front of the Bank.

First time visitors were marveled at the beauty inside the bank, attracted with walls of mirrors that caught their attention.

Thomson says they will soon to take up other spaces in the building when their clients increase.

Some Vanuatu staffs were brought over to help out in the opening of the bank.

Bred Bank is originally from France which operates in countries around the pacific region for some years now and has entered Solomon Islands recently, until it starts it full operation last week.