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China United clarifies Guo’s story

15 September 2017
Shiyao Guo confronts the police. [Photo supplied]

CHINA United Cooperation clarifies that Shiyao Guo is not the main investor behind the development of the Town Ground rugby complex as stated in an earlier report.

A representative from the company told this paper Guo is one of the investors of the complex.

“Guo played an important role in the negotiation between Solomon Islands Rugby Union Federation (SURUF), the government and China United to seal the deal to work on the complex.

“He didn’t have the money at that time and sold the project to Zonghu Zhou and his daughter Yun Ling Zhou that’s why they own 90 percent shares and he still holds 10 percent.

“China United now is 90 percent Austree owned.

“It’s a Melbourne company owned by the daughter and the father,” she explained.

Jennifer Sifoni, who worked for Guo for two years, said she realised the Asian dealing so she changed alliance with the majority shareholders.

“I worked with Guo for only two years and 10 years with the Austree company trading under China United.

“Actually I worked with them for only two years and moved over with Austree because what Guo did was wrong so I have to help them,” she stressed.

Guo was arrested by police on Wednesday in Honiara after he rejected a court order to vacate an apartment he was occupying at Town Ground plaza.

The Asian man and his son Junbin Guo are in police custody.