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Public reminded to lodge complaints with Bank

26 September 2017
BSP Country Manager David Anderson.

Public are strongly reminded to lodge their complaints with the Bank South Pacific (BSP) for grievance related to their account balance.

BSP Country Manager David Anderson reiterated this statement following complaints that continue to reach the Solomon Star.

This paper came across two female complainants, who claimed they lose hundreds or even thousand in their bank account with BSP, without any knowledge of their money being withdrawn.

One woman claimed she did not withdraw her salary for two fortnights now and she expect her bank account to contain more than $1000, but she said only $700 is available as appeared in her balance, which prompted her questions the integrity of the bank.

“I will take the receipt and showed it to the bank,” she uttered.

Another woman claimed she lost thousand dollars in her savings, which she denies withdrawing it, believed the money was stolen in her bank account.

But Anderson said that is the matter for them to report to the bank.

“I am not aware of any such circumstance but please have this customer contact in either of the following methods, Manager Retail Banking Alphonse Toati on Phone 21874 or by email to [email protected],” he replied.

This probably the second or third time people reported to the media for claims related to unknown deductions in their savings with the BSP.

“If they then want to complain to a newspaper that is up to them but the quickest way to get it resolved is to come to the Bank,” Anderson stated.