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Tourism operators reconcile

26 May 2014

Two tourism operators in Florida Island, Central Island province last Tuesday have settled their past differences through a reconciliation ceremony.

The reconciliation took place during a weeklong tourism inspections and evaluation by officials from the Green Tourism SI Ltd.

The reconciliation was held between directors of Pota Sauragi Eco Lodge, Pota Sagupari and Taupuipui Island Resort Charles Bisa.

It was held at Taupuipui Island Resort and witnessed by operators of Rodrick Bay Hideaway, Rodrick Bay Beach Accommodations, surrounding community elders and Green Tourism Solomon Island Ltd officials.

For years these two operators worked in isolation from each other.

They ended-up enable to look into each other and talked and this had caused disunity amongst themselves.

The division which had been going on for many years had also seen their tourism business not flourishing because they were unable to work together.

But the two directors were brought together by Green Tourism Solomon Island Ltd when the officials visited Florida to inspect their tourism establishments.

And for the first time they were able to face each other, shake hands and shed tears.

Speaking at the occasion both of them said they have had differences and division for many years that bring tourism activities in Florida to nowhere.

 “Therefore I would like to say sorry to my rival for past years,” Mr Bisa said.

He said their differences had also affected their businesses.

Director of Pota Sauragi Lodge Mr Sagupari said his heart was relieved following the ceremony.

He said it was through God’s will the ceremony took place.

He added it would allow him now to work closely with his former enemy and improve the tourism industry in the province.

“Therefore I would like to thank Green Tourism SI Ltd for this trip to bring us together, make us peace and forgive each other for many years. We are now one,” Mr Sagupari said.

Green Tourism Solomon Island Ltd managing director Micheal Tokuru who spearheaded the ceremony said following the reconciliation its now time for the operators to work together and forget all past difference.

“We must take God because he has a plan for us, sometimes we don’t expect something would happen this way, but its God plan.

“Therefore we should thank God for bring us together for this reconciliation,” Mr Tokuru said.



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