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BSP sets up branchless banking agent in Dadave ‐ GPPOL 2

27 May 2014

Bank South  Pacific (BSP)  has  again  brought much  needed  banking services  deeper  into North East  Guadalcanal  province  launching  yet  another  branchless  banking  full  agent  at Dadave Village‐ GPPOL 2 on Friday.

Dadave BSP Agent owner Mr Daniel Buto thanked BSP for bringing branchless banking services to their doorstep as the womenfolk are now able to establish their 1st bank account to save monies after selling their produce at the market.

“The recent devastating flash‐flood of last month (April) destroyed homes, gardens as well as stock in my store (retail shop). This is the 3rd time my small store has been hit by a major flood as this and plans were to close my store. 

“Thankyou  BSP for  coming to Dadave village with  your  innovative  and state  of the art branchless banking service, as you have  certainly brought banking to our doorsteps and great support to small to medium enterprises such as my retail store. 

“Through branchless banking, BSP has taken a step further in its service delivery by making it easier for people in the outskirts of town and distant rural dwellers to open accounts do basic  banking  as  well  as  providing  the  opportunity  for  people  in  the  neighbourhood, especially market vendors, to save their earnings. This is something which was not possible in the past,” said Mr Daniel Buto who is also the managing director of Guadalcanal plains resources development association, that runs the landowner’s commercial investments and resources.                       

Dadave village is part of a wider community of palm oil landowners and farmers located in the Eastern part of Guadalcanal plains that produces palm oil to GPPOL Ltd for exports. 

Once  a BSP branchless banking agent opens  a Kundu  Standard  account with an instant issuance of an active Kundu Card, it can also instantly register clients to it’s state of the art mobile  banking  services  through  a  “Telekom”  mobile  and  perform  various  banking transactions with ease 24/7 from the convenience of their farms and homes such as;

- Checking Account Balance 
- Transfer funds to your own BSP accounts if you have more than 1 BSP account 
- Transfer funds to other friends and family who have a BSP account 
- Transfer funds to OTHER Bank accounts‐ turn‐around time of 48 hours 
- Perform a Telekom Credit Top‐Up 
- Activate a Salary and or a deposit Alert  

Armed with computer tablet, with a wireless card swipe printer and using portable EFTPOS;  BSP branchless banking team as well the agents can open account anywhere in the country.

BSP’s branchless banking team is setting up access points or agents around the country, using cutting edge technology to reach more unbanked citizens.  

Since commencing as a BSP agents, the numbers of customers accessing the services on offer has been steadily increasing; this is testament to the demand for banking services in Solomon Islands. 

BSP, with the assistance and support of Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) and International  Financial  Cooperation  (IFC),  is  looking  at  expanding  financial  services throughout the country with the objective of bringing more people under financial inclusion.

BSP therefore encourage people living in and around the Gilbert Camp area to visit the F.F Store and utilise the basic banking services now offered there.