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Kobuana landowners want airstrip

27 May 2014

Landowning groups in Kobuana Island, Bonavesta, Central island province have declared opening up their land for airstrip development.

Martin Tinoni village elder of Kobuana Island told Green Tourism Solomon Island Ltd during a visit to the island Thursday last week.

Mr Tinoni told the gathering that most members of their families have agreed for their island to host an airstrip development in Central island province.

“We, the family members on this island willingly offer our land to the government for the development of a new airstrip since Anuha was closed down.

“We know airstrip is the heart of tourism and therefore we call on the national government to come develop our land by building an airstrip,” he said.

Mr Tinoni added since the closure of Anuha, operators in Florida have found it hard to transport their guests from Honiara and back during bad weather.

“Anuha airport according to our understanding would not be open again since the case is still before the courts.

“Therefore we urge technical people from aviation authority to come and inspect this island so that this island can replace Anuha,” he said.

Mr Tinoni added the island is legally owned by them and they have legal documents to prove it.

He said landowners are ready to hold any discussions with the government for this new development.

Managing director of Green Tourism Solomon Island Ltd Michael Tokuru thanked Kobuana community for allowing their land for airport development.

“Airport is very important in tourism industry and since this people open up their land for development I fully support them and urge government to do something for them.

“Government of the day should not ignore this call but support it to make tourism industry in the country grow,” he said.