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Malaita records more Tilapia farmers 

29 January 2019
A local Tilapia farmer feeds his Tilapia.

MALAITA Province has recorded the highest number of active Tilapia farmers in the country.

This is according to the Malaita Provincial Fisheries officer, Mathew Isihanua.

Mr Isihanua told Solomon Star Auki in an interview yesterday that currently, the number of active local farmers is over 80.  

He said this is a significant increase from the 20 active Tilapia farmers recorded in 2017.

“In 2018 alone, Malaita recorded the highest number of Tilapia farmers in the country.

“For the past two years, more Malaitans have come forward and showed interest in Tilapia farming,” Isihanua said.

He said the 80 plus active Tilapia farmers were from Central Kwara'ae, West Are'are, East Are'are, and the Northern region.

Besides, three Rural Training Centres namely; Afutara, Ngaligaragara, and APSD have also shown interest in Tilapia farming.

Mr Isihanua said Tilapia farming in Malaita is growing fast than expected.

Therefore, he is appealing on the responsible ministry to keep assisting local active Tilapia farmers in Malaita with tools and technical training to help them with their passion for Tilapia farming.

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