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Central plans to re-open Anuha airport

28 May 2014

Central Island province plans to reopen Anuha airstrip in the Florida islands, Central province to boost air-links and the flow of tourist into the province.

Deputy premier of the province Charles Bisa revealed this to the Solomon Star last week during a meeting with Green Tourism Solomon Island Ltd officials at Taupuipui Island Resort.

Mr Bisa told the officials and community elders that the province is optimistic to reopen Anuha airstrip which has been closed for decades.

“Our current provincial government is very concern about this Anuha airstrip because we want tourists coming into Central province by air not in boats for safety reasons.

“We want our tourists and guests to be safe while travelling across the open sea here, therefore the provincial gov’t will work alongside with land title holders of Anuha to reopen the airport,” he said.

He said this week the Central provincial government executive members will meet in Tulagi and one of the agendas to be discussed is the reopening of the Anuha airstrip.

“Our executive meeting would be held in Tulagi soon to talk about the reopening of this airstrip.”

Mr Bisa said for years, their guests traveling between Florida and Honiara by boats have been affected when bad weather strikes.

“So its important to have an alternative means of transportation during these bad weathers,” he said.

Another group of landowner on the island of Kobuana near Bonavesta have also indicated their willingness to open up their land for a new strip should the Anuha airstrip is not back in operations.