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Local farmers urged to engage in kava farming

17 October 2019

LOCAL farmers have been encouraged to start planting kava because of its high demand and financial benefit.

Charles Tuti, a local kava farmer from Malaita province said since engaging in kava farming he has financially benefited from the crop.

He said kava is a lucrative industry which has the potential to bring huge benefits to local farmers and the country.

He said its important for farmers to start planting kava now because the benefit will come later.

“As a local kava farmer I have received a large amount of money from kava farming. 

“Kava is among a booming cash crop that is attracting everyone’s attention that offers huge financial benefit to many farmers which is now referred to as gold money commodity,” he said.

 He added that for those of farmers who are currently planting they are hoping for a good harvest by 2021. 

“Money generated from this crop can help build new permanent houses as well as meet immediate family needs,” he said.

Mr. Tuti said its important for farmers to plant the first grade light yellow kava called Kava Feo. 

“This kava variety is highly sought in the United States (US) market,” he said. 

Meanwhile, he advises local farmers to see agriculture officers to get the right information to avoid buying the wrong kava variety.

The Varivao Holdings Ltd estimated that as of this year around 300,000 kava plants are expected to be planted by local farmers around the country.