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City bosses take 25% salary cut

21 April 2020
City Mayor Wilson Mamae, left, and his clerk Rence Sore have agreed to take 25 per cent pay cut.

CITY Mayor Wilson Mamae and his Clerk Rence Sore have volunteered to take a 25 percent pay cut for the next six months as the economic impact of the coronavirus on public finances intensified.

City Clerk Sore confirmed this on Monday following their executive meeting.

Sore added all non-essential service workers of the council will also take 25 per cent pay cut 

“This decision was taken in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic threats in the country,” Sore said.

“These are mitigation measures that the council has taken in response to the virus,” he added.

The pay cut will start in the next fortnight.

Sore said the City Council will take additional measures in the near future depending on the severity and duration of the pandemic.




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