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Power shutdown affect water supply

29 April 2020

THE shutdown of the logging-affected Kongulai water source last week followed by a major power outage on Monday has affected Solomon Water’s production level causing low water supply and no water to many Honiara residents. 

That’s according to Solomon Water in a statement issued on Tuesday.

“It was unfortunate as our water network system was slowly recovering from the Kongulai and Kombito shutdowns due to bad weather last week and with the power outage has further impacted our ability to supply many customers as most of our pump stations were affected,” Solomon Water CEO Ian Gooden said.

“Since power has resumed and our pump stations recommenced operations, our operations teams have been working hard to refill our tanks and reservoirs for supply,” Gooden added.

“Some areas will receive water now and others will be later on yesterday evening when the system fully recovers.”

Gooden said Solomon Water is currently working on a new treatment plant for the Kongulai water supply which is currently in the final design stage but it will not be operational until Mid-2021. 

“Solomon Water apologises to its valued customers and further advises all customers to store water in containers if there has been rain and boil all water for food preparation and consumption if the supply is cloudy following shutdown.”