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Communities acknowledged wharf construction

05 June 2014

People in and around Ngasini in Marovo lagoon, Western province have thanked donor partners for funding the deteriorating Ngasini wharf in Vangunu Island.

Construction work is currently making progress.

The wharf is one of the four wharves and a landing ramp to be improved under the second phase of the domestic maritime support project, which is financed by the Solomon Islands Government, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Australian Government, and the New Zealand Aid Programme.

The project involved the constructing rural wharves to improve safety and access to economic opportunities.

The new wharves are designed to be less vulnerable to climate change and natural hazards.

The upgrading of Ngasini Wharf will involve demolishing the existing wharf and part of the access causeway.

A new reinforced concrete wharf will be constructed and a new coral filled causeway will be built using salvaged material.

Skinner Pinau of Cheke village just close to Ngasini thanked donor partners for made it possible for the people in that part of Vangunu Island.

“For almost twenty years we the people in that area have been affected by the poor condition of the wharf.”

“He said their Member of Parliament (MP) and provincial member have overlooked this vital infrastructure which the people really depend on.

“Therefore since donor partners and Solomon Island Government have stepped in we thanked them so much which makes our life much more easier when boarding boats and offloading cargoes,” Mr Pinnau said.

Meanwhile Mr Pinnau urged the current MP for Marovo to help the community by erecting a market house near the wharf so that once its operational mothers can use it to sell their food when boats arrive.