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Premium NZ ice cream launched here

19 June 2014

THE Bulk Shop in Honiara launches New Zealand’s Award winning Tip Top Ice Cream at the J Kwaimani building, Kukum Highway on Monday.

This is not the first time for Tip Top to be introduced in Solomon Islands however, the launching is fundamental for a premium line  of Ice Cream.

The managing Director of the Bulk Shop, Jeremy Bartlett, begun the launching with an introduction of the new Bulk Shop Tip Top Ice Cream Parlor and extending his gratitude to Fonterra: Bulk Shop’s long time agent for Anchor products.

“Bulk Shop’s outstanding relationship with Fonterra began 20 years ago and I believe with the launching of Tip Top, will strengthen that relationship” Mr Bartlett said.

Speaking on behalf of Fonterra was their representative Adam Dixon of New Zealand.

“Tip Top is New Zealand’s Premium Iconic Ice Cream brand,” said Mr Dixon.

“We are very happy to share this iconic Ice Cream with the people of Solomon Islands, I’m really excited and I can’t wait for the people to taste and enjoy it,” he concluded.

The night was filled with excitement as guests witnessed one of the Managing Directors Mely Ordinario, unveiled the Menu Board, followed by the cutting of ribbon by Fonterra’s Adam Dixon.

Then, the main event began as invited guests have a chance to taste all the delicious Tip Top Ice Cream flavours. 

The Tip Top Ice Cream Parlor is now open at the Kukum highway Bulk Shop from 8 am – 7pm every day.