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Operator urges authorities to remove wreckage

02 July 2014

The owner of the Roderick Bay Beach Accommodation in Florida Island Central province is urging responsible authorities to immediately remove the World Discoverer wreckage that causes environmental treats to people residing near the wreckage.

The cruise boat ran aground during a visit to the area few years ago.

Director of Roderick Bay Beach accommodation Patrick Sara told the Solomon Star over the weekend that they want the wreckage to be removed as soon as possible.

“We want this wreckage removed since the oil spill from the ships affects our environment.

“Corals and other marine’s species surrounding the wreckage are dead and the air we normally breathe is not good causing many of us to get sick.

“Therefore we urge responsible to come and remove the wreckage immediately,” he said.

He said most of the villagers are not comfortable residing near the area.

“Therefore I urge the responsible authorities and national government to please come and remove this wreckage because human and marine lives are at risk,” he said.