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Petrol colour to change: InterOil

16 July 2014

INTEROIL will introduce red dye into its petrol product apart from the current purple colour starting next month.

The company said: “The main reason is adoption of common colour that is widely used around the world. The colour coding product is primary for easy identification and safety reasons.”

In a paid advertisement InterOil said it continued to monitor trends in petroleum product development throughout the ASEAN region and as such, the current purple dye coloration used for PNG made and supplied petrol was being phased out.

Meanwhile, the company noted that similar change would take place for zoom as unleaded petrol was being used for this product with oil added.

However, it said the changes in colour of petrol from purple to red would not affect the overall quality of the fuel during its use or zoom use sectors.

The complete change of new red colour for unleaded petrol may not be fully effected in all centres throughout the country until end of the year.

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