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Nauru Air Corporation announces ‘Nauru Airlines’

16 July 2014

Since 2006, Nauru Air Corporation has been trading as Our Airline and promoting co-operation amongst neighbouring countries to improve airline services in the region.

The strategy has seen a number of new aviation initiatives and partnerships developed over the years since 2006 that have provided new services, linked new destinations and delivered more affordable travel in the region.

“I believe the Our Airline initiative has served us well over the last eight years” says Geoff Bowmaker, CEO “ however, also important is the very proud history behind Nauru’s servicing of its own, and the region’s, air transport needs going back more than the last forty years.”

“In recognition of the proud history of Nauru’s aviation achievements over these many years and the natural and primary role of the airline in servicing the people of Nauru, I am very pleased to confirm that effective 1 August, 2014, the trading name of Nauru Air Corporation will be re-named to NAURU AIRLINES” says Mr Bowmaker.

In his 46th Independence Day speech in January this year, His Excellency President of Nauru Baron Waqa foreshadowed this positive change, in conjunction with the impending arrival into service of the new all freight aircraft.

“I am pleased also to advise that the all freight aircraft is set to commence services to Nauru on Friday 1st August, bearing the proud external livery of NAURU AIRLINES” says Mr Bowmaker.

“This is a very exciting phase in the history of the airline and I congratulate and thank the entire NAURU AIRLINES family for all the dedicated and hard work that the whole team has put in to achieving these positive steps forward for the airline.”