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SICCI explains awards

18 July 2014

 Following the number of enquiries being received at the Solomon Islands chamber of commerce and industry (SICCI) office concerning awards and award categories, the chamber has came out to inform the nine awards on offer.

Two of the awards, Business Woman of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year are individual awards. Only women and men in business are eligible to apply for these.

The Business Woman of the Year is only for women applicants who are expected to answer three simple questions in a 300-500 words entry.

“We are asking the woman applicants (youths or young women applicants as well) to provide examples of your successful leadership, describe the impact that your leadership has had on your organization, staff and what the outcome or end result of this impact has been, and to outline why you believe you (or the person you are nominating) should be named Business Woman of the Year.”

As for the entrepreneur of the year award, SICCI said; “we are encouraging both men and women to apply. As with the Businesswoman of the Year, there can only be one winner, either a man or a woman. We are asking you to describe your performance results, achievements and contributions, providing answers to the following four (4) questions:- Outline the strategies you use to promote and sustain awareness of your brand in local and/or overseas markets; Outline the strategies you use to achieve substantial growth and commercial success; Outline how you or your organization determine customer expectations, build relationships with customers and determines customer satisfaction; and finally, outline your major achievements which demonstrate outstanding contributions to industry.

“If you are currently in business and feel that you can comfortably answer the above questions, we encourage you to please download a copy of the nomination or entry form from our website at or call in at our office to pick up a hard copy of the form.

“Remember, awards won at this event are very prestigious and will be good promotion for your business as well. For further information or if you wish to make an appointment for a briefing session, please contact Nancy Kwalea on 39542 or mobile 7623188, or you can just collect a copy of the entry forms from the SICCI office, Suite 223, Level 1, Hyundai Mall,” the statement said.

Please watch your daily newspapers as we bring you clarifications of the 9 awards on offer.


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