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Telekom explains network failure

18 July 2014

LACK of sun during wet weather can also interfere with the communication network in parts of the country because some of the mobile towers are solar powered.

The explaination was made by Our Telekom following concerns from customers in West Makira about their network which is not working properly.

A rep from the community there said they have been having communication problem.

He said the Anuta tower was recently launched but now the network is not working well.

He claimed villagers have to walk far in order to make calls.

Our Telekom public relation officer Lawrence Nodua yesterday said the network was due to the bad weather in west Makira.

Mr.Nodua said the tower is using solar system which depends on the sun to produce energy.

“Whenever we experience wet weather we will be expecting weak current of power to support the tower which causes failure in the network system.”

Meanwhile Mr. Nodua said customers should contact them before voicing their concern to the media.

By Joanna Frances