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More companies register with NFP

07 August 2014

National Provident Fund (NFP) this year received more applications from newly formed companies to register with them.

A spokesperson for the fund revealed this to the Solomon Star in an interview yesterday saying, these companies are both local and overseas.

“We have quite a number of companies both local and overseas registering with NPF.

He claimed that few of the companies that have registered with NPF have been never registered with the company haus.

“Some of these companies registered with NPF but are yet to do so with company haus in the ministry of commerce and industries.”

The officer however confirmed that this year the numbers of new companies registering with the fund have increased.

“And the fund anticipates this country would have a better economy in the future.

“In the next couple of years, Solomon Island should have a healthy and better economy since we have an increasing numbers of companies registering with us.

“This means more employment for our people and healthy economy for this country,” he said.