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Potential for tourism

13 August 2014

The coastal region of North West Guadalcanal still offers an ideal spot for tourism activities which needs to be developed to support the industry and the economy.

That’s the view of a Visale man John Toki while speaking to the Solomon Star during a one day trip to Visale on Monday, Mr Toki said the coastal region of North West Guadalcanal offers some of the attractive beaches and holiday sites for tourism development.

He said because of that during the weekends locals, pacific islanders and expatriates normally visited the beaches to relax, swim, snorkel, picnic and enjoy the beach and scenery.

Mr Toki said prior to the ethnic tension, the North West Guadalcanal region hosts some of the top holiday destinations and spots such as the famous Tambea resort.

“But following the ethnic crisis most of the areas along the coast have been left idle and undeveloped.”

He said its now time that tourism development should take place in this area in partnership between the government and landowners.

“Many of our people have supported the tourism industry, but they need support to kick start their business.”

The Solomon Star understands that a major project is currently underway in that region for a hotel development.

Work on clearing the site is currently underway.

Mr Toki said in Visale few locals have engaged in accommodation business and its proving to be popular and an demanding service.

“Such small-scale tourism activities should be encouraged.”

He highlighted that there are expatriates who usually travels to Visale and spent their weekend at the beach in tents and they really enjoyed their time.

“So I see there is potential for the tourism in this part of the province.

“Given the better road system and communication, such development has a bright future, he added.

He appealed to landowners to see the importance of having such developments taking place in their area.