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Moves to access Vodafone labour markets

13 August 2014

The recently established Bmobile/Vodafone partnership has offered opportunity which the companies are keen to utilise which can allow the national staff members to have access to other Vodafone labor markets.

In a statement yesterday Bmobile/Vodafone chief executive officer (CEO) Niall Downey said Bmobile over the coming months will be developing a training program for local staff members to join other Vodafone networks for a period of three to six months on work experience.

“This HR sector is key to Bmobile / Vodafone’s strategy of developing the future business leaders of the Solomon Islands. This program will start in early 2015.

“This will give the staff members of Bmobile a terrific opportunity to learn overseas best practices and then bring back to the Solomon’s to implement. This will not only develop technically but also learn new managements skills designed to blossom their confidence levels.”

Mr Downey said Bmobile will be recruiting key senior staff members in all departments over the coming months as they try to improve their technical and customer service capacities.

“Bmobile/Vodafone have a vision of creating a young dynamic work force that attracts the elite of the Solomons Islands. Bmobile/Vodafone can now offer staff work in other overseas markets to further develop their careers.

“This will be key over the coming months and years to becoming the number one provider of Telecommunications.”

The CEO added, the key for all business’s working in remote locations is to form partnerships to reduce their expenses. Business is all about connecting to the global market especially in relation to knowledge and experience.

“Global companies can provide training to national staff members, developing their confidence. This will lay the foundations for the next generation of CEOs.”

Since the two companies struck the partnership more towers have been constructed, upgrading of its network, specials in data packages and group calls.

Bmobile / Vodafone are currently recruiting. If you are ambitious person who feels you want to be connected globally with massive possibilities for your future career please email your CV to [email protected]