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TTV is Telekom owned

24 August 2014

Our Telekom says its television, Telekom TV, is 100 per cent owned by the company.

Board chairman Harry Kama clarified this to the public, when the company opened its new office facility at Mud Alley, Honiara.

“Many of you I am sure are curious about Our Telekom Television Signage. Telekom Television, TTV as we referred to it now, is 100% owned subsidiary of Solomon Telekom,” Kuma said.

“We believe thetelevision has very strong complementary role to our core products and services as shown during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

“TTV has a licence and has a number of Channels and we operate in Honiara, Auki, and Gizo, Noro and Munda, as well as Lata in Temotu Province.

“Television is now developing its capability and now can take advertising”.