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POB provide numbers, attempts to cut long queue

26 August 2014

THE newly established Pan Oceanic Bank (POB) Monday started a new exercise aimed at cutting down the long queues at the bank.

This involved providing numbers that customers can collect, with only the first 100 allowed to see bank officers, especially those checking on their loans.

This exercise has however come under heavy criticism from some of the bank’s customers, especially those who have made appointments but arrived late to get themselves a number to join the queue.

“I had an appointment to check on my loan today however I could not go through as I did not have a number to join the queue.

“I was told to come early the next day and to get myself a number before I can be able to see those responsible for my loan,” a customer said.

These complaints were shared by many others who were turned back at the bank Monday.

Meanwhile when contacted, an officer from the bank revealed that this was an exercise developed to deal with the ongoing long queues the bank have to deal with every day.