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Our Telekom continues to link Malaita

28 August 2014

THE series of launching of Telekom towers in Malaita in recent days received praise from remote villagers.

Remote villages in the jungle of Malaita are experiencing ease of communication unlike in the past when delivering messages have to be through a tough jungle walk to urban centers.

Nowadays, it is at the tip of fingers regardless of where people are.

The latest launch was in East Malaita at Gwelande Village.

Although there were minor complaints about inconsistencies in terms of catchment, people can only walk up to nearby hills in some areas to communicate.

It is making life in those villages easier than before.

“I can now talk to family members in Honiara easily anytime of the day and vice versa. This is exciting,” a woman at the village said.

She said unlike before, they have to write letters, walk to Auki or send messages through other people which was not easy.

A number of towers will be launched in the Southern region of Malaita next week.

A total of 13 towers are being built around the province.

In Auki