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MMF applauds new bus service

23 September 2014

MALAITA Ma’asina Forum (MMF) has applauded the operator of the new bus service in town – the City Express bus service.

MMF president said the vision by the owner of Ropiko Enterprise Limited (REL) must be acknowledge and that's what all indigenous Solomon Islanders must do.

“MMF would like to congratulate Roland Piko for the initiative which serves citizens of this city well. Piko’s business has played a significant role in helping people to get to their places of work and schools in time and also helps in reducing their transportation costs,” Charles Dausabea said.

Dausabea said what Mr Piko did was a fine example other indigenous Solomon islanders must take.

He encouraged other Solomon Islanders who have the financial capacity to undertake similar initiative to ensure everyone can enjoy the bus service in the city.

 “This is the kind of initiative we want to see where has benefited not only passengers but indirectly helps in building the economy since working people are now arriving in time than before. Let’s work together to achieve this kind of mindset other than killing the poor with short bus routes,” Dausabea said.

He called on the government to assist local businesses like this who have struggled to initiate their business to help the economy in some ways rather than overlooking the important service they play in the economy.