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Tourism impacts here

01 October 2014

TOURISTS are spending more during their visits into the country last year and early part of this year compared to the previous years.

This was revealed in an international survey conducted last year conducted by Solomon Island Visitors Bureau (SIVB) and Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT).

The survey revealed that the total expenditure recorded from visitor’s arrival in Solomon Islands in 2013/2014 was $518m.

The ministry’s Senior Development Research Officer Laurie Leketo during the National Development Workshop (NDW) for cultural industries held at Mendana yesterday said though the figure was not really good both the ministry and SIVB are trying their best to make sure the figure increases next  year.

“The figure is low because we recently have disaster and other matters that are unwelcoming to our visitors here but hopefully next year the figure of tourists’ arrival in the country should be increased,” Mr Leketo said.