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Landmark Plaza in action

07 January 2015

THE newly built Town Ground Plaza is now housing a good number of businesses since its reopening.

The three-deck building was divided into categories for different business types.

Admin personal Assistant of China United Summer Zao said the ground floor is for shops and all spaces had been occupied.

“The eastern part of the second floor is for offices which are still available for people who may interest to apply.

“The western part of the second floor and the entire third floor will be used as apartments for people who wish to rent,” she said.

She said that the southern block of the building is still under construction and is nearing completion.

The new building has boosted the phase of that part of the city.

 China United is a multinational company that started the ground work of the building in Honiara since year 2007.

“We are happy that the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and the Honiara City Council (HCC) were supportive and cooperated well with us to polish up this project and started turning it into a new huge investment that the Solomon Islands will benefit from,” Mrs. Zao said.

The controversial business complex at Town Ground is now referred to as the ‘Landmark Plaza’.

Managing Director of China united who built and manage the project said it is good news for the country despite the struggles and hardship the company had faced over the years with legal battles over the building.

“I am glad that Honiara city council has finally issued occupancy permit for this complex. It shows that they have seen the importance of opening this building for commercial and recreational purposes for the benefit of the public and the country as a whole,” Shiyao Guo said.

Mr Guo said now that this building is open to public, it will reduce the stress of unemployment the country is facing and will also contribute to the country’s development and economy in terms of revenue through tax and employment opportunities.

Mr Guo said thanked the Honiara City Council despite a lengthy battle to try and get the occupancy permit for years.

“It’s good to see that council has realized the benefit this business complex will bring to the public of Honiara and also for us as investors.

The building has 23 shop spaces at the ground floor which are all occupied, 15 office spaces on the first floor and 3 multi-function halls.

It also provides 19 self contained apartments.