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Cocoa farmers want gov’t support

08 January 2015

COCOA farmers in Ranongha calls on the national government to provide advisory and other forms of support to help them improve their farms.

The South Ranongha farmers said many villagers are engaging in cocoa farming but without any assistance from anyone.

“Villagers are very interested and have taken the initiative to move into cocoa farming. In Kara alone, there are 11 farmers with large cocoa farms.

“Some are still in nursery stage while others have already moving ahead.

“We are doing everything in the dark. Any form of support such as a visit by agriculture officers from the government would be a boost to us.”

The farmers said they also want to access funds for cocoa farmers but are not sure of what to do.

“We had some visitors before but nothing tangible came out from the visits. We want officers who visit, return and make sure farmers receive the assistances identified and needed.”

The farmers said the government must understand that such undertaking can help villagers to be more self reliant and economically empowered.

“But when you forget about people and let them fend for themselves, that is when they will always come back again and again.”

In the country, Guadalcanal, Makira and Malaita are highest cocoa producers.