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Marovo beach gets world attention

12 January 2015

THE Marovo Lagoon in Western Province is host to one of the great beaches in the Pacific islands and the finest in the world.

This is according to a report by website, which was published last month on the website before Christmas day.

According to the author, Marovo lagoon is amongst his hit list of 2015 places, because of its longest saltwater lagoon on the planet.

“And its heritage listed, and it’s fringed by ancient volcanoes and the rainforest stops where the sand begins.”

Among other great beaches in the Pacific islands that were highlighted in the report include Tapuaetai (Cook Islands), Champagne beach (Vanuatu), Long beach, Kadavu island (Fiji) and Monu island and Monuriki island (Fiji).

These places were listed the great top five beaches in the Pacific islands.

According to the writer, beaches mean so much, beaches are freedom and beaches are an escape.

“There’s variety in beaches, easily enough to keep you amused for a lifetime. There are the hidden beaches, those secluded wonderlands that you feel like keeping to yourself forever.”

A Marovo villager says this is good news for Marovo lagoon’s tourism.

 “The people of Marovo should be proud but also challenged because they have a responsibility to keep and preserve their environment from harmful activities such as logging.