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Our Telekom opens new complex in Yandina

04 February 2015

Our Telekom has made its presence much more stronger in Yandina following the opening of its new office complex over the weekend.

The new service is part of allowing the people in the Russell Islands to have access to better communication facilities and service.

Speaking at the occasion Central Province Premier Selwyn Mapuli congratulated Our Telekom for being the development agent in Yandina.

Mr Mapuli said, Yandina, used to be a national economic centre has been neglected after the 1980s to date.

“Therefore Our Telekom must be singled out for realising the development aspirations of the people of Yandina, Central Islands and the country as a whole.”

Mr Mapuli said no development operates without communication he therefore congratulates Our Telekom for the initiative to develop his people in the telecommunication sector.

Addressing the guests at an official ceremony chairman of Our Telekom Board of Directors, Harry Kuma said, Our Telekom’s intention is to move closer to the people.

He added, by doing this it ensures the company lives up to its ‘OUR TELEKOM’ name.

“Our Telekom would like to move closer to the people so that the Our Telekom slogan fulfills its purpose by staying close to people and offering them a quality customer service not only enjoyed by our urban centers, but also close to people at a small center like Yandina.”

Meanwhile, Our Telekom Chief Executive Officer Loyley Ngira said, it is time Solomon Islands rediscover and revive Yandina, Russell Islands. CEO Ngira explains, Yandina used to be the country’s economic powerhouse since the 1960s.

“The fact of the matter are between the 1960s and the 1980s Yandina was the economic powerhouse of Solomon Islands, that’s the fact when Levers Solomons was there.

“We had the research station, hybrid coconuts, research labs were there, 2,000 people were employed, production of cocoa, cattle, Yandina and its production was the economic powerhouse of Solomon Islands.”

Mr. Ngira further explains, Yandina was allowed to decline post 1980s to this very day.

He stressed Our Telekom wants to become the forerunner in rediscovering Yandina’s potential to create a sense of urgency so others reinvest in Yandina.

“Therefore the investment that Solomon Telekom took is a rediscovery. It is the small energy that is required to create a sense of urgency to enable others to participate in the activity and create opportunities for everybody, employment, wealth as well as other expansion and community-related activities.”