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Solomon Water wants cooperation

08 April 2014

THE current disaster has affected a lot of services – one basic one is water to the Honiara population.

Solomon Water said water supply to the city has been affected therefore the public should boil water before drinking.

“Solomon Water advises that until water services return to normal, everyone in Honiara should boil water they use for drinking or food preparation.”

The Authority said conserving water is also important during such times.

“When the disaster happened Solomon Water was only providing 20% of normal capacity, now we are providing 40% but water supplies are limited until we fix the damage caused by floods. If you have water, please conserve it – turn off running taps, use water sparingly.

“If you see a water pipe burst in the street or damages to our water, please report it to Solomon Water on [email protected] or 23984/85.

“The sooner we know about the problem, the sooner we can work to get normal services resumed.”

They urged the public to respect facilities and understand the current situation.

“Water is important to the health and wellbeing of everyone. Please respect our facilities, water pipes and tanks and do not disturb our services.

“Solomon Water is working hard to restore services as quickly as possible and we ask for your understanding during this difficult time.

“We estimate 40% of the population are now able to receive water but that it may take several weeks to get water back to the population that had water before the disaster.

“We ask for everyone’s cooperation to help report, respect and conserve water so we can resume normal supplies as quickly as possible.”