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Flood affected Kwaibaita farmers

08 April 2014

The recent bad weather and flash flood that affected parts of the country has also hit hard on rural farmers in Malaita province.

Auki police said there were no reports reaching them about any damages.

However only Atori police confirmed that the bad weather had affected farmers in East Malaita.

Speaking to this paper from Atori, Sargent Michael Ramosaea said heavy flooding has affected farmers in Kwaibaita.

One of the farmers lost more than 20 pigs, a cow and food garden.

“They were all washed away.”

The farmers are currently affected by their loss, the officer said.

“Farmers have called on the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) and the responsible authorities to support them,” Ramosaea said.

By William Ekotani
In Auki